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A language-based, problem-solving methodology
Clarity is essential to every organisation. ‘Sensemapping’ is how you achieve it. Sensemapping is the process of solving your business problems using the tool of language. 

If you think about it, there is nothing more important to your organisation than language. Language is everything. Words allow us to express what we think but, more importantly, they also shape how we think. Language is not only the tool we use to express something, it’s also the tool we use to understand something. That means when we struggle to articulate or explain something, it’s because we don’t fully understand what we are talking about. Sensemapping is about unlocking that understanding so expression becomes easier.

This is the tricky part. All language is contextual. Words cannot be relied upon to universally describe what we’re trying to say. They can’t be used as labels. We have to explain our context to other people because if we don’t, they’ll bring their own. Unfortunately, people don’t explain context very well. There is a tendency to assume that everyone intuitively understands the words we are using to describe something, but even the most basic words will have multiple interpretations. Often times, even the person using those words doesn’t truly understand what they mean by them. And if they don’t understand it, why would anyone else?

The sensemapping process is fast, challenging and unbelievably effective. It can be applied to a wide range of projects, businesses and industries. Our linguists will help you harness the power of language to inform your strategy, empower leadership, engage stakeholders, simplify communication and drive customer and employee experience. We’ll show you how starting with SENSEMAP® is the most effective way to solve your business problems.
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