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Articulate a plan that makes sense to everyone
Most strategies fail. They fail because people don’t understand them, can’t see how they are related to their roles, don’t buy into the plan, or don’t know what they’re supposed to do. Sensemapping pulls your leadership and strategy together in a way that is easier to track, more responsive to disruption, and understood at every level. Sensemapping makes strategy and leadership make sense.
Clearly link strategy to leadership 
Streamline reporting and presenting
Simplify communication
Track progress in real time
Make strategy practical and relevant for everyone
Know where you’re going and how to get there
Highly skilled linguists will take you through a challenging workshop designed to test whether the language you use to describe your strategy actually reflects your intent. You will be asked to examine every word to make sure you mean what you say and you're saying what you mean. For the first time, everyone in your organisation can understand and articulate where you are going and how you intend to get there. 
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"Without a doubt, the best money we ever spent."
– Killara Foundation
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Once you understand how to think like a linguist, you’ll never think about yourself or your business the same way again.

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Sensemapping is a unique, language-based, problem-solving methodology that brings clarity to your leadership, strategy, brand and communication.
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