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Get the clarity, empower your people
Clarity is critical to defining and driving your success. We help you maintain that clarity with customised programs that keep you on track. We’ll ensure your people have the shared understanding and purpose they need to collaborate effectively and help create a better experience.
Inform strategy
Simplify communication
Formulate messaging
Empower leadership
Drive customer experience
Language-based problem-solving
Our linguists work with your people to help them understand your purpose, difference and value and apply it to their own role. We help them solve the issues and problems that come up in the everyday execution of their roles and show them how to articulate what they need to do to contribute to a successful strategic outcome. Our customised programs make sensemapping a part of your organisation so that you have the context you need to build a better business. 
"Amazing - really engaging, easy to consume and some great key messages. Our company has never seen anything like it."
– RIVOR Advisory
Brett Rutledge
Linguistics & Communication
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Submit your details and Brett will be in touch to talk through the effectiveness of our language-based, problem solving methodology and how it can make your business better.

Start with SENSEMAP® and build a better business
Gain a better understanding
Know what really drives your business and how to articulate it.
Articulate a better plan
Know where you're going and how to get there faster and easier.
Why language matters
If your language is wrong, so is everything else. Book a keynote, workshop or one-on-one talk and find out why.
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How language determines what's safe and what isn't. Download our free eBook.
We believe that clarity is the key to making business better. Meet the people behind the thinking.
Mean more. Say less. Make sense.
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