Business linguists
Business linguists
"Be ready"
SENSEMAP® your Leadership
Articulate what you need to do to make a difference
All of us are leaders in our own right. Whether its an organisation, a team of people, a group of friends, our families or ourselves, we are all called upon to lead. But are we ready? Sensemapping reveals who and what you need to be so you are ready to lead when your moment comes. 
Know who you are
Know what you stand for
Know your guiding principles
Be ready to lead
For the first time you will be able to articulate who you are and the leadership role you play for your organisation, your team, your friends, your family and you.
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"Without a doubt, the best money we ever spent."
– Killara Foundation
Control your context

"Get clarity"

Articulate your purpose,
difference and value.

"Take control"

Articulate a plan of action
that makes sense to everyone.

"Be ready"

Articulate what you need
to do to make a difference.

Let's talk language
Spend time with a linguist and you’ll never think about yourself or your business the same way again.
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Sensemapping is a unique, language-based, methodology for making sense of business.
it's fast, challenging and unbelievably effective.
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