Business linguists
Business linguists

"Get clarity"

SENSEMAP® your Identity
Articulate your purpose, difference and value
Answer the six simple questions that 99% of organisations and leaders can't.
"What do you do?"
The answer defines every product, service & activity.
"Why does it matter?"
The answer shows you how to get buy-in.
"How do you behave?"
The answer provides a framework for decision-making.
"How do you want to be seen?"
The answer helps determine your reputation.
"What's your value?"
The answer drives your customer experience.
"What's your point of view?"
The answer shapes how you tell your story.
One day. One page. Total clarity
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For the first time, everyone in your organisation will be able to understand and articulate your purpose, difference and value. Download our brochure and find out what to expect in our unique language-based workshop.
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"I enjoyed reading "Why" by Simon Sinek and it was a real eye opener. But, after your workshop, I now realise that the "Why" is just the tip of the iceberg and that SENSEMAP is what is under the water!"
Northern Land Council
Control your context
"Get clarity"
Articulate your purpose,
difference and value.
"Take control"
Articulate a plan of action
that makes sense to everyone.
"Be ready"
Articulate what you need
to do to make a difference.
Let's talk language
Spend time with a linguist and you’ll never think about yourself or your business the same way again.

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Sensemapping is a unique, language-based, methodology for making sense of business.
it's fast, challenging and unbelievably effective.
Mean more. Say less. Make sense.
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