SENSEMAP® your Identity
Understand your purpose,
difference and value
Answer the six simple questions that 99% of organisations and leaders can't.
"What do you do?"
The answer that defines every product, service and activity.
"Why does it matter?"
The answer that shows you how to get buy-in.
"How do you behave?"
The answer that drives leadership and consistent decision-making.
"How do you want to be seen?"
The answer that informs your brand and communication.
"What's your value?"
The answer that drives your customer experience.
"What's your point of view?"
The answer that shapes how you tell your story.
Get your entire offer on one page, in one day - total clarity
An Identity SENSEMAP® Workshop will define who you are and provide you with the context you need to guide leadership, inform strategy, shape brand and simplify communication. Highly skilled linguists will take you through a challenging workshop designed to test whether the language you use to describe any part of your organisation actually reflects the reality. You will be asked to examine every word to make sure you mean what you say and you're saying what you mean. For the first time, everyone in your organisation can understand and articulate how you are unlike any other. Get the clarity you need and start building a better business.
Brett Rutledge
Linguistics & Communication
Talk to a business linguist
Submit your details and Brett will be in touch to talk through the effectiveness of our language-based, problem-solving methodology and how it can make sense of who you are.
"I enjoyed reading "Why" by Simon Sinek and it was a real eye opener. But, after your workshop, I now realise that the "Why" is just the tip of the iceberg and that SENSEMAP is what is under the water!"
Northern Land Council
Get more clarity
SENSEMAP® your Strategy
Articulate a better plan of action
Pull your leadership and strategy together in a way that is easier to track, more responsive to disruption, and understood at every level.
SENSEMAP® your Thinking
Why language matters
Learn how thinking like a linguist allows you to mean more, say less and make sense.

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Sensemapping is a unique, language-based, problem-solving methodology that brings clarity to your leadership, strategy, brand and communication. 
Mean more. Say less. Make sense.
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