Business linguists
…that makes you unlike any other.
Sensemapping is a powerful linguistic tool that gives you the clarity and context you need to make sense of things.

Sensemap it…

… and take control of the 'thing' that guides your leadership, strategy, culture and brand - your identity.

how sensemapping can be used

It's used to build  organisations 
from scratch

"Without a doubt, the best money we ever spent."
Kane Bowden
Killara Foundation

It's used to make sense of big ideas

"When you're trying to establish a big concept in the market you need the right people to help you bring clarity."
Rob Hughes
RIVOR Decision

It's used to invent
new business categories

"We only wished we had starting working with Sensemap sooner."
Stuart Allison

It's used to make sense of critical communication

"This is better than anything our competitors have."
John Kalfas
Hannover Re

It's used to define the core business

"It actually changed our entire funding model."
Rick Fletcher
Northern Land Council

It's used to bind people together

"The approach, manner and energy is so engaging and really brings out the best in people."
Kathy Kane
International Women's Forum 
New Zealand


Learn how most business problems are language problems

If your language is wrong,
so is everything else.
The biggest problem facing any organisation is no one knows what to say.
If you don't explain your context, someone else will arrive with theirs.


Grab your squad and get your wig snatched by a linguist

An entertaining keynote that helps you communicate with Millennials is one of the many ways we can bring language to your event.

Understand the role of language in the real world

What binds you together is what sets you apart
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How language
determines what's safe
and what isn't
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Meet the team
Brett Rutledge
Business Linguistics 
Graham Milkins
Design thinking
Brendan Keogh
Sue Lindsay
Strategy & Leadership
"What I love about this is you're not trying to change who we are - you're making us true to who we are."
– Hannover Life Re Australasia
Mean more. Say less. Make sense.
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