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Sensemapping is a unique, language-based, problem-solving methodology that brings clarity to your leadership, strategy, brand and communication. 
SENSEMAP® your Identity
Understand your purpose, difference and value
Answer the six simple questions that 99% of organisations and leaders can't.
SENSEMAP® your Strategy
Articulate a better plan of action
Pull your leadership and strategy together in a way that is easier to track, more responsive to disruption, and understood at every level.
SENSEMAP® your Thinking
Why language matters
Learn how thinking like a linguist allows you to mean more, say less and make sense.
Making sense of business
Meet the people behind the thinking.
Brett Rutledge
Linguistics & Communication
Graham Milkins
Identity & Brand
Brendan Keogh
Research & Education
Sue Lindsay
Strategy & Leadership
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"What I love about this is you're not trying to change who we are - you're making us true to who we are."
– Hannover Life Re Australasia
Mean more. Say less. Make sense.
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