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A plan only gets implemented because of the hard work and dedication of people. Everyone needs to rally around the plan to get the job done and that requires a regular check-in that addresses misunderstandings, challenges and adjustments. Sensemapping provides the mechanism that pulls your people together and focuses them on what needs to be done.
Operationalise your plan
Track your progress
Foster collaboration
Galvanise the team
Celebrate the wins
Get your team working together to make it happen
Sensemap Action Workshops help your people understand what needs to be done and how they can make it happen. Our highly-skilled linguists provide the critical thinking your people need to break out of their old habits and break through old barriers. We set the agenda and take control of your implementation so everyone can concentrate on their performance and take ownership of their contribution.  
Brett Rutledge
Linguistics & Communication
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"Without a doubt, the best money we ever spent."
– Killara Foundation
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Once you understand how to think like a linguist, you’ll never think about yourself or your business the same way again.

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